Pay it Forward: Making Time

Time is like any asset: we can manage it, waste it, use it, spend it, save it and so on.

Too many people, though, incorrectly assume that they’ll always have enough time to accomplish their goals.

Starting and sustaining a business requires capital, planning, infrastructure, marketing and people. Whether you’re starting a new venture, expanding an existing business or simply managing the day-to-day, allow yourself time to gather intelligence, to process information, to plan and implement, to communicate and to execute. Business is moving at an ever-increasing speed, and that makes it more challenging for owners and operators to act instead of react.

Block out an hour a day as your “zone,” with no cell phones, email, meetings or texting. Use that time to read information about your industry or review your business plans. Exercise. Meditate. You’ll increase your focus, and you’ll make more progress on your short-term and long-term goals. I know that setting aside an hour each day for planning has made me more productive in every part of my business.

Also, consider investing some of your time in other people. Technological advances, combined with cost, have forever changed how we communicate with one another. Emails are replacing regular mail letters, texting is replacing telephone calls, webinars are replacing face-to-face meetings.

New technology can increase efficiency and save time, but an unfortunate byproduct has been the loss of relationship-building with other people—an important aspect of any business and one that requires time.

Entrepreneurs are, by nature, continuously hard-charging and multitasking individuals. Take the time to reenergize and refocus—you will be glad you did.

Daren Fristoe is president of The Fristoe Group Inc., a provider of human resource management, training and employee development services. (816) 392-7298 //

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