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    Help your employees—and your company—grow with one-on-one communication. By Daren Fristoe Generally speaking, if a manager’s options for dealing with an underperforming employee are down to termination or coaching, and the workplace issues are correctable, it’s usually better to try coaching. The reality is that we need to keep and develop the employees who are already here. They know our culture and our ways of doing business, and repairing their inconsistencies should result in higher productivity for the business and a better use of time for management. Coaching processes are an investment in the business that can pay dividends, but it does take time. You may be responsible for the roles of adviser, teacher, motivator, performance manager and recognition distributor—all

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    Pay it Forward: Making Time Time is like any asset: we can manage it, waste it, use it, spend it, save it and so on. Too many people, though, incorrectly assume that they’ll always have enough time to accomplish their goals. Starting and sustaining a business requires capital, planning, infrastructure, marketing and people. Whether you’re starting a new venture, expanding an existing business or simply managing the day-to-day, allow yourself time to gather intelligence, to process information, to plan and implement, to communicate and to execute. Business is moving at an ever-increasing speed, and that makes it more challenging for owners and operators to act instead of react. Block out an hour a day as your “zone,” with no cell