Human Resources on Demand

The Fristoe Group provides human resource products and services to small and mid-sized independently owned businesses. With 20 years of professional experience in the field of human resources, training and education, The Fristoe Group is focused on the successful delivery of best practices, consistency, compliance and operational excellence. Through our professional experience, we have learned that there is a fundamental and consistent organizational “need” for strong human resources, both for employees and for management, regardless of the size, scope or purpose of the business.

For your employees, the human resource “need” is based on the elements of trust, communication and development. Of the many elements taken from organizational surveys relating to employee satisfaction, and ultimately employee retention, these are the three that are most prevalent. Your employees “need” to trust that the company is providing them a competitive wage, market-driven benefits and a safe environment in which to work, as well as having their best interests in mind. In addition, your employees “need” consistent and open communication from the company and amongst each other, to diminish surprises and maximize the team concept in practice. And finally, your employees “need” to participate in the development of their job or career planning, creating their own growth plan for success, defining goals to be met or exceeded and interacting with their direct manager. Satisfying these “needs” leads to higher levels of employee satisfaction, production and profits!

For management, the human resource “need” is based on compliance, administration, and staff planning. The management “need” for compliance is proactive from the human resource perspective by providing legally and company-policy compliant documents and procedures for the organization. This includes the creation and implementation of sound employee job descriptions, performance appraisals, employee handbooks, communication pieces, discipline / counseling forms and other documents, as well as training the management team on the uses of the aforementioned documents. Regarding administration, management “needs” professional maintenance and guidance on the coordination of salary and benefits plans, as well as the proper handling of personnel documentation. This also includes determining effective and fair compensation plans per position. Finally, the lifeblood of any company is in the quality of its people. As such, staff planning is a critical “need” for management and this includes effectively mapping out the growth plan in pure headcount for production purposes, creating and tracking individual employee development plans for high performers, and formulating and implementing recruiting strategies. Knowing how many people you need is only one part of the equation; developing talent from within your organization is another and expanding your reach for new employees is yet another (Note: An added benefit of effective recruiting is the expansion of your brand in the marketplace as well!) Satisfying these “needs” allows the management team to focus on the business of the day, confident that corporate matters relating to their employees are handled professionally.

So, are the human resource “needs” of your employees and your management team satisfied today? If so, read no further.

If not, I know my company can help. We identified six critical “needs” above relating to human resources; I have listed those six below, as well as my service offerings addressing each:

1. Trust – We conduct a salary and benefits audit for competitive analysis and work with benefits providers to ensure comparable offerings for the staff vs. the market.

2. Communication – We create and implement communication processes internally to ensure open dialogue. In addition, we provide 24/7 HR connectivity for questions and / or concerns to staff, as well as providing a topical newsletter per location via email.

3. Development – We create, implement career development plans for growth and success, with management involvement, for each employee. In addition, we create and implement a targeted plan for high performing employees focused on succession. Staff development also includes training presentations.

4. Compliance – We audit existing HR documents / policies and implement approved changes where needed, include job descriptions, performance appraisals, employee handbooks, internal memos and discipline / counseling forms.

5. Administration – We manage the salary and benefits administration of the business to ensure that all areas are consistent and compliant, includes determining compensation plans, as well as ensuring that the employee performance appraisal process is current and consistent.

6. Staff Planning – We create and implement staffing plans, employee development processes, and recruiting strategies, as well as expanding the brand of the organization in the marketplace.

The pricing for this offering is very competitive, much less than the cost of your employee turnover, the risk of improper behavior, or the failure to effectively plan. We are dedicated to improving your team’s performance, and assisting you in preparing your team for the future. This investment in Human Resources will enable you, the owner, to have better personal choices, as well as better results for the overall business.