TFG HR Network

As a TFG HR Network member, you would be eligible for the following array of TFG services and while I would appreciate the opportunity to speak to you in person, please allow this brief message to explain until we do.

There are a number of areas in which TFG can help your business or organization initially, then in an ongoing role. Salary review and administration, performance management and a strategic plan / process for growth as it relates to staffing are just the beginning. Here is a full listing of services that are available to you. These services may be implemented as a stand-alone HR department or to complement an existing onsite resource.

12 Steps to an HR Compliant business

1. Human Resource Audit – Onsite review of all personnel files, documents, and processes to ensure governmental compliance and make changes where necessary. Initial audit suggested with annual review.

2. Performance Management Process – Review existing process / modify as needed and implement ongoing performance management and employee development with management

3. Benefit and Salary Administration – Review and assess existing benefits packages as well as salary structure for all positions. Suggest modifications as needed and assist with implementation.

4. Human Resource Documentation – Create or review and modify of all relevant infrastructure documents such as Corporate Employee Handbook, Job descriptions, Performance Appraisals, Corrective Counseling forms, Interviewers Guides, etc. All documentation is re-branded with your corporate logo and other distinctive marks.

5. Management Training – in-person training for management on personnel related topics including interviewing, hiring / firing, sexual harassment, coaching, performance management, conflict resolution, workplace violence, and more. Can be conducted in quarterly meetings on weekends to cover several topics in a session if needed.

6. Employee Satisfaction Surveys – Conduct annual Employee Satisfaction Surveys (confidentially) with results summarized for ownership review and action.

7. Staffing – As needed, act as staffing agency to identify and submit candidates for hire to local management.

8. Terminations – As needed, act in capacity to process / handle employee terminations.

9. HR Branding – Assist ownership and local management with branding the organization using HR communication tools (employment want ads, community outreach flyers, etc.)

10. Employee Recognition Programs – Create and assist local management in implementation of Employee Recognition Programs with ongoing oversight.

11. HR Hotline – Serve as 24/7 HR answer hotline for HR questions and concerns from ownership and local management.

12. Onsite Visits – Visit your business and spend time with ownership, management and staff to reaffirm HR support for the organization.

The way this typically works best is if TFG is considered “your HR department” and a part of your team, working for and with you and your staff. I am very interested in meeting with you and talking about how we can work together. Feel free to call me directly at 816-392-7298, or email me at